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Each person has a characteristic that distinguishes him from another. When creativity, the development of which is inherited in one's nature, intensifies and takes shape, it becomes a part of art.

Art mirrors beauty and he who produces the images is the artist. The works of the artist who conveys his abstract art philosophy and the colorfulness of his inner world to his designs with his palette have the emphasis of the reflection of freedom of is feelings and thoughts. Akif Poroy combines the dynamism of the life with the reason for existence. Adopting a humanistic approach, he uses the figure as an active element and completes his combinations with a colorful representation dominated by thick brush strokes.

We would like to congratulate Dr. Akif Poroy for reaching the heights in both his professions.


President of the Artists' Association

Akif Poroy’s Paintings

Art means of expressing oneself attained more importance in the 20th century. Expressions and expressionism became more defined in different movements. Expressionism, abstract expressionism and neo-expressionism can basically be considered as the changing and exaggeration of form and color to emphasize feeling.

It can be said that Akif Poroy, who has been painting since the 1960s, has increasingly favored the neo-expressionist style and has been influenced by this European movement of the 1970s. In fact expressionism is the approach of the artist whose pictures range from surrealism, which illustrate his subconscious desires, to Ottoman Calligraphy. According to the artist, painting is a form of meditation. Akif Poroy’s main aim is to stimulate the observer’s emotions and arrive at the concept of beauty by expressing onr’s emotions and inner thoughts.

Nature itself and in particular the fecundity of man, the sexuality of Akif Poroy’s art embraces the physıologıcal side of man as much as his psychological and emotional state. The miracle he has witnessed propels him towards art and influences his way of art. In fact his medikal identity is also present in this creative process. He insists on exhibiting the family, woman and the power of giving birth in his paintings. He composes even the abstract order of traditional calligraphic art against an expressionist backdrop. It is a combination of  expressing his enthusiasm. This very same enthusiasm, expressed through color rather than academic visual descriptions, is responsible for making Akif Poroy’s work distinctive.

In his own words, Akif Poroy aims to express himself with strokes and colors, generally without looking at the nature and not at the objects but freely, with his own aesthetic ideas of thoughts and emotions.

His goal is to create a work of art by producing ideas rather than to produce a work of art.

Professor Dr. Tomur ATAGÖK’s Interpretation

The Fine Arts FacultyYıldız University İSTANBUL

Akif Poroy's Paintings:

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Dr.Akif Poroy had the opportunity to learn as postgraduate several sexual treatment methods.

He is specialized for treatment of female sexual dysfunctions as anorgasmia, vaginismus, and inhibited sexual desire and using Masters & Johnsonand Hartman & Fithian Methods and also Tantric far east spritual methods.

Some of his teachers were Prof. William E. Hartman and Prof. Marilyn A. Fithian from Center for Marital and Sexual Studies, L.A. California, US., Prof.Volkmar Sigusch from University of Frankfurt, R.Wille, University of Kiel, Germany.

In 1985 became member of AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists)

Dr.Poroy offers specialy arranged group therapy conseling sessions and also tantric seminars

in addition to sex therapy for couples and single female, also at weekends.

Hem ay be reached at 0090 – 212 - 2403829

Mobil phone: 0 532 21304 31


Combine Holiday with Tantra Yoga Dr. Poroy is offering Tantra sessions

Tantra Sessions & Tantra Meditation & Tantra-Rituel & Tantra -massage & Multiorgasmtraining

By female & male physicians in english & german

Sprituel Touching, Touching body & soul

Sessions & Rituals with Tantric Massage & Single Sessions

What is Tantra? The spiritual art of love of connecting spirit with form. It is experiencing love through through the beauty of the earth and all existence.It is about acceptance, rather than deniel. It also embraces compassion...about truth within unconditional love..What are its elements? Is Tantra a yoga? Some call it Tantra Yoga. If we see yoga as union, then I agree. Others say Tantra is not a part of Yoga, which most people see as Hatha Yoga anyway, but rather an entire lifestyle. Many in the yoga community consider Tantra "something they would rather not deal with," so to speak. So, in that sense it is not about yoga as practiced in America, unless that yoga teacher also embraces the openess an sensual nature of Tantra.What is the exact relationship between Tantra and sexuality?In Tantra, sexuality is total and filled with bliss. However, Tantra is not about sex. Sex practiced or performed in Tantra is what is taught by most teachers of this spiritual lifestyle., At some point Tantrikas experience a bliss-filled state that can be identified as asexuality. Perhaps because of general sexual suppression by cultures and religions, ancient carvings in Nepal and India depicting unbridled sexual sharing create indelible labels.


Is Tantra an attitude, a belief, or a practice?No belief. It is an attitude and there are practices, in sex, and many other areas of life that can be used as tools. Many of these include contemporary conscious psychotherapeutic methods, as well asEastern philosophy and techniques, such as pranyama, yantra, mantra, etc., as well as simply applying expanded consciousness to one's existence

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